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Scope & FAQs

What is international business?

International business is a term that covers a vast array of topics including international accounting, international marketing, global company and industry information, exports and imports, international finance, and many other topics as well. It is a very broad term, and thus difficult to define.

For example, one library user seeking information on international business may wish to find the address of a company in Brazil, while another may be looking for accounting standards in Austria. One user may need to know how to find a foreign company’s annual report, and yet another may want to explore marketing his or her company's product within the market in Saudi Arabia.

This guide will admittedly have a somewhat United States-based orientation since it is produced under the auspices of a committee of a United States-based professional library association, but in it you will find many of the core sources to help you answer a variety of reference questions on international business. Below are the FAQs addressed on each page of this guide.


  • Where can I find articles that will help me learn more about international business?
  • Where can I find articles from international newspapers?
  • What are the top-ranking journals in international business?

Companies & Industries

  • Where can I find basic information for a business in another country, such as contact information and whether it is a subsidiary or parent company, etc.?
  • Where can I find information about a specific industry in another country, such as industry environment, major competitions, statistics, etc.?
  • Where can I get a foreign company's annual report?
  • How can I determine market share or company rankings from an international perspective?


  • Where can I get a basic introduction to other countries?
  • What about official national government websites?
  • What cultural customs should I be aware of when doing business in a foreign country?
  • Where can I find comparative costs of products in foreign countries?
  • Where can I find more business-related information regarding a specific country?

Data & Statistics

  • Where should I go to get started with international statistics?
  • Where can I find marketing statistics for foreign countries?

Exports & Imports

  • Where can I get a basic introduction to exporting and importing?
  • Where can I find actual trade data?
  • Where can I find information on foreign direct investment (FDI)?
  • How do I find international business laws, regulations in other countries, etc.?

Finance & Accounting

  • How are foreign stock markets doing?
  • What banking services are available to companies in foreign countries?
  • What is the current exchange rate in a particular foreign country?
  • What is transfer pricing, and how is it used by multinational corporations (MNCs)?
  • What accounting methods and standards are used in other countries?


  • Where can I find glossaries of international business terms?
  • What important terminology do I need to know?

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