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The U.S. banking industry is comprised primarily of commercial banks, along with savings banks and savings and loan institutions (also known as "thrifts"), credit unions, and Federal Reserve banks. Identifying and assessing financial institutions, both geographically and by type, and researching interest rates probably constitute the most common and predictable banking information needs of general library users. International banking is also referenced here, from a "global" perspective.


522: Credit Intermediation and Related Activities

5221: Depository Credit Intermediation

52211: Commercial Banking

52212: Savings Institutions

52213: Credit Unions

Suggested Searches

General: central bank, credit union, commercial bank, savings & loan association, thrift, bankruptcy, credit, interest, exchange rate, loan, mortgage, maturity

Narrower: CD (certificates of deposit), amortization, DTI (Debt-to-Income ratio), escrow, estate, feduciary, foreclosure, garnishment, lien, money market, reverse mortgage

Related: FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), Federal Reserve, OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency), IRA (Individual Retirement Account), mutual fund, annuity, overdraft, refinancing, usury rates

DDC: 332.1 Banks and banking

LCSH: Banks and banking; LC classes HG1501-HG3550

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