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Co-authored by BRASS and the AFL-CIO/ALA Labor Committee


The term "labor relations" refers to the relationship between employers and groups of employees, usually labor unions, and the surrounding legal, social, and economic context that informs it. The resources in this guide encompass labor relations in both the public and private sector.

AFL-CIO/ALA Labor Committee

This guide is a collaboration between BRASS and the AFL-CIO/ALA Labor Committee

Founded in 1946, the AFL-CIO/ALA Labor Commitee is a joint committee of the American Library Association and the AFL-CIO, located within RUSA. The Labor Committee's mission is to initiate, develop, and foster, through the organizational structures of the ALA and the AFL-CIO, ways and means of effecting closer cooperation between librarian and labor organizations and the large constituency represented by the labor organizations.

Vocabulary Assistance

For help in navigating the specialized vocabulary used by labor relations practitioners, see the following guides:


Includes the following groups:

  • Collective bargaining units
  • Employees' associations for improvement of wages and working conditions
  • Federation of workers, labor organizations
  • Federations of labor
  • Industrial labor unions
  • Labor federations
  • Labor unions (except apprenticeship programs)
  • Trade unions (except apprenticeship programs)
  • Trade unions, local
  • Unions (except apprenticeship programs), labor

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