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2021 BRASS Program - Follow The Money: Government & Campaign Finance

Resource guie for "Follow the money: Help watchdogs, whistleblowers, and our communities find and understand financial trails and organizational relationships".

Campaign Financing Resources

Researching campaigns can be challenging. Different rules regulate required disclosures on local, state and federal levels. The following web resources are all freely available. 

Federal Level Finance & Budget Research

Use the following freely available resources to research how the federal government is spending money, including budget-allocations and contracts with 3rd parties.

State Level Finance & Budget Research

Use these freely available resources to research how the government is spending money on the local or state levels. Local research is challenging, as each state has its own web-prescense, rules, and systems for sharing this type of information.

Each State Government will have their own webpage for spending. For example, here is New York's Open Budget website which starts at the state level but can be broken down by county. Try a google search like 'Office of the State Comptroller for X." Here is New York's, as an example.




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