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Reference and User Services Association Division of American Library Association Business Guides

Business Reference Essentials

A guide for new business librarians to get started and a refresher for seasoned professionals.

Professional Associations for Business Librarians

Conferences for Business Librarians

Organizations listed above hold annual conferences, regional meetings, and other events throughout the year, which provide invaluable opportunities for networking and professional development. State associations may also offer programs of interest to business librarians.

In addition, explore conferences not for librarians, but for professionals working in the field. See Tomaszewski, R., and MacDonald, K. (2009)  Identifying subject-specific conferences as professional development opportunities for academic librarian. The Journal of Academic Librianship, 35(6), 583-590.

Other notable events for business librarians:

Regional Associations

There should be plenty of opportunities to contribute to the association on either a national or a regional level. The following are regional sections of national associations which may offer more cost-effective workshops and conferences if securing funding for big national conferences is an issue. Business programming may be limited, so you may have to look for relevant workshops amongst more general options.

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