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BRASS Business Guide - INSURANCE: Main Trade Journals

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What Are the Main Trade Journals for the Insurance Industry?

Best's Review. (Oldwick N.J.: A.M. Best Co.). -This monthly magazine reports on news and issues in the insurance industry.

BestWeek. (Oldwick N.J.: A.M. Best Co.). -A weekly newsletter providing the latest news and analysis on the industry. Some issues also include rating monitors and statistical studies.

Business Insurance (Chicago: Crain Communication). - Trade magazine for the insurance industry.

CPCU Journal (Malvern Pa: Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters). - A quarterly journal with a strong property insurance focus. Articles are highly technical.

National Underwriter. Life, Health/Financial Services ed. and the Property & Casualty/Risk Management ed. (Chicago: National Underwriter Co.) - Weekly publications are famous news source in the industry. News and trends are covered with considerable analysis and detail.

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