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BRASS Business Guide - COMPANY AND INDUSTRY RESEARCH: Company Profile-Key Facts

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What are the best resources for finding key facts or a quick profile on a company?

These resources are ideal starting points when you are trying to find a quick snapshot of a company. The basic facts include address and phone number, annual sales, number of employees, type of business, chief executives, and year founded.

Open Access Resources

How do I quickly find a company's address and phone number?

Many resources can be used to find a company’s address and phone number, including most of those mentioned elsewhere in this guide. Use any resources that are convenient for you. The resources listed here are chosen for their comprehensiveness.

Telephone Books: Often overlooked when thinking of “business” resources. 

Websites: Numerous websites are useful for finding companies including the White Pages at, and SuperPages at

Subscription-based Electronic Databases

Please note that the databases below are subscription-based databases. Many university and public libraries have access to these databases, so please check with your local libraries to see what is available.

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